Cardiac Services Mobile, Inc.

The Premier Provider of Flat Panel Mobile and Modular Cardiovascular Labs

Cardiac Services Mobile, Inc. (CSMI) offers nationwide short and long term monthly equipment leases of cath, angio, peripheral vascular, IR and EP mobile labs with state-of-the-art equipment. Turnkey options include shared services, 24/7 technical support and equipment service. We are proud to be the ONLY vendor to offer OEM approved/installed diagnostic imaging equipment that is also FDA approved for our Custom OEM manufactured units (learn more).

CSMI is proud to be the first and only vendor to offer our services using ONLY Custom OEM manufactured mobiles designed wide enough to accommodate equipment offerings. Other vendors offer old discarded MRI/CT mobiles which are "much narrower in the procedure room" and install used CV imaging equipment. Call CSMI for interim mobile cath, angio, IR, EP, and vascular lab solutions.